Best SEO Training Institute in Rohini Delhi

Who can attend?

Our Search Engine Optimization course provides an insight into SEO from the basics and enables a individual to an upcoming field of Digital Marketing. Anyone studying, pursuing degree, working professional or looking for a new opportunity can attend the SEO course. seo course in rohini

Top Reasons to learn at Digital Marketing 

Exposure to Real Time SEO Projects

Google Analytics Certified Faculty

Flexible Batch Timings

Online and Offline Courses

Job Assistance

For more details on the Complete Digital Marketing Course visit: 

SEO Training in Rohini Delhi

Course Duration: 25 Hours – 1 Month

Classes: Weekdays

Live SEO Project: Students will be given exposure at Digital Marketing Saga to live SEO projects on Business websites. 

SEO Certification will be provided by Digital Marketing Saga at the end of the Course. so learn best digital seo training in rohini delhi

Our Search Engine Optimization Training covers the following topics:

Overview of Search Engine

Closeup SEO Concept on Landing Page of Mobile Computer Screen in Modern Conference Hall. Toned Image with Selective Focus. 3D Rendering.

History of Search Engines

Search Engine Results Page

Different Search Engines

How SEO impacts business

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Algorithm

Latent Semantic Indexing- LSI Algorithm

Opportunities in Digital Space

Content Platforms – Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

Business Listing

Youtube – How to earn through Videos

Image Platforms

Domain Names

Job Opportunities

Keyword Research – Why it Matters?

What is a Keyword

Studying Keyword Competitiveness

Why Keyword is King

How to do Keyword Research

Good and Bad Keywords

Keyword Research Tools

Building a Site

Blogger and WordPress

Hosting on Blogger

SEO on Blogger and WordPress

On Page SEO Techniques

Importance of Title Tag

Meta Tags

Canonical Links

Internal Links – Anchor Tags

External Links – Which site to link to?

Link Building

What is Link Building

Link Baits, Link Wheels, Link Market

Off Page Link Building Techniques

Back Link Analysis

Good and Bad Links

Paid Link Building

Analysis of Traffic Sources

Google Analytics – How to track Traffic

Using Filters

Organic and Inorganic Traffic

Goals and Conversion Rates

Who can take the SEO Training Course?

Anyone who has desire to learn about the opportunity in digital space. Search Engine Optmization training does not require know how of coding or programming or marketing. SEO is a necessity in today’s world where in all the IT companies are looking at the sector. seo institute in rohini

This course is for anyone who can understand English. Whether you are a Under Graduate, Fresher, Programmer then this course will provide you the skills to become an Independent Professional or Industry expert in the field of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Training Objectives

After completion of the SEO Training Course you will be able to achieve the following

  • How Google and Search Engines Rank Websites
  • How to Optimize a Webpage for SEO
  • How to do Link Building for a website
  • How to analyze competitors website
  • Use of Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Moz Bar
  • How to setup a site on Blogger and WordPress
  • Impact and Assessment of Google Algorithm Updates
  • How to carry out Keyword Research
  • How to identify Long Tail Keywords
  • How SEO can impact a business
  • Creating robots.txt and Sitemap.xml
  • Optimizing articles for SEO

Top Reasons to Learn at Digital Marketing Saga:-

Latest SEO Course in the industry

Real Time Projects

Google Analytics Certified Faculty

Job Assistance

Flexible Batch Timing

We educate individuals to understand the power and opportunities on Internet and enable them to execute any SEO Project. As our organization provides Digital Marketing services our Search Engine Optimization course provides you an opportunity to work on real time projects which is not offered by any other institute in Rohini Delhi. seo training in rohini

How we do it?

We break down the Training course into simple modules supported by a Step by Step online blog which every individual who can understand English can follow. Our Search Engine Optimization Training Course is updated every 3 months to meet the industry requirement. seo institute in rohini

What We Do?

Our training is enabling individuals everyday. Want to Join? 

SEO is a field which is going to see exponential growth here onwards as Businesses go Online to reduce there cost of operations and increase revenue. In this context SEO offers a business free leads for lifetime and increased revenue. 

In the world of Internet, traffic has a value which can be monetized in multiple ways. SEO is an organic opportunity to generate free traffic with the use of various free content management platforms such as Blogger.

Our course at the facility in Hyderabad will cover the following:

Digital Marketing Course in Rohini

  • Opportunities in Digital Marketing
  • Live SEO Projects
  • SEO Trends and Concepts

Our facility and our Digital Marketing Office is located at Rohini Delhi, India.

Digital Marketing Saga

Address:-  G-8/64, Pocket 2, 2nd Floor , Sector 16, Rohini, Delhi, 110089

Phone:-     9354654468

Visit:- Digital Marketing Training in Rohini

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