Why Social Media Marketing Is Way Better Than Traditional Marketing

The traditional way of marketing uses expensive advertising companies and begging the media to write and talk about you. 

This is why more and more entrepreneurs are resorting to Social Media marketing, or generally online marketing.

They use it in publishing their contents online for the purpose of getting the media to talk about them and their product/services, for the purpose of their businesses found on the search engines (Google, Bing etc.) 

But it is not just that. Social Media marketing works because.

Social Media Marketing is inexpensive

Also, it can be free. 

It does not have to cost a single penny because you can use online tools to do your online marketing. It does not require that you have a big budget of money.

And that a clear advantage to others which are spending hundreds of thousands every month for advertising costs etc.

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Social Media Marketing is Easier

It is also way easier to do as compared to those traditional means of marketing which requires a lot of arduous activities. 

In online content marketing, you just need an internet connection and a laptop or any device that connects to the internet. 

And you are good to go. BUT! 

It Needs Time and Effort

Online Content marketing requires that you are able to take time to create a necessary content that will allow you to stand out. This is a big requirement that you have to devote attention to getting this right.

You cant just say, I am going to do online marketing targeting this niche and spend a day to do it and forget about it.

It takes time, theres no doubt about it. But if you devote enough attention to your online marketing efforts, you can end up doing really well. 

Social Media Marketing Airtime is Way Longer

TV commercials show on TV screens only for at least 15 seconds, and then, it is gone. We hardly ever see those again.  But Social Media Marketing practically exists longer, even forever. 

A very few people only talks about it but If you take the time to build up the online content that will allow you to appear at the top of the search results and if you do some basic maintenance to make sure that the content is still valid going forward, that content lives forever.  It never goes away. It will always be there. 

However, if you are spending hundreds of dollars on advertising in order to generate attention to your business. And all of a sudden you stopped advertising, it goes away completely.  You have to continue doing it, otherwise it goes away. 

It is like living on your own house where you can live there forever. As compared to what most of the people do today which is renting a house — And if they stopped paying rent, they get kicked out.

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Staying Ahead In Digital Marketing With Right Content

In the current digital world, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to pass information about products and services offered by various businesses. It is for this reason that each business now has a website.

With good content on your website, you will attract traffic to your website, which you can eventually convert into sales. In order to have the desired content on your website, you can decide to write it on your own or buy content from companies offering content development services in Denver.

Including innovative social media marketing services for your business is one way to improve interaction with your potential customers.

Creating your own content may not yield good results for your business, as you may not be able to create the kind of content that can engage your potential clients and visitors to your website.

You can get the best content for your website

You can get the best content for your website if you hire the services of companies offering digital marketing solutions such as Innovative Digital Solutions, which can give you business-specific content that will engage your customers, drive enormous traffic to your website and set your business on the right track to making more sales.

The right content for your business goes beyond what you may put on your website, to engaging content in social media sites.

Innovative Digital Solutions hires qualified writers for content writing services and if you buy content from them, you are more likely to get the right content for your website than if you create it yourself.

As SEO experts Colorado, they are aware of the right kind of content that can elevate your business ranking in the search engines.

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Get the Right Article

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Based on your type of business, you can always get the right articles that will promote your business, at the same time placing your business on the higher ranks on the search engines when someone conducts a search related to your product or service.

In case you are not satisfied with the content you get, Innovative Digital Solutions can always provide you with a qualified article re writer to do it to your satisfaction. With the changing face of digital marketing, only relevant, business-specific, and quality content can put you ahead of your competitors.

As the digital arena expands with the use of smartphones, tablets, ipads and others, you need to implement digital marketing strategies to meet the needs of your customers.

That is why it is advisable to engage services of a digital marketing expert for the right solutions.

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How Long Should Your Content Be For Blogs, Social Media And More?

Creating online content to promote any type of business is virtually a necessity in the 21st century when competition is at an all-time high. However, knowing exactly how long should content be is challenging for your social media post, blog post, and other digital marketing related posts. From Tweets to factual information about the company, each domain has its own general rules to consider.

Informative Content

On a website, a great deal of information is going to fall into this category. Consumers want to know the history of the business, the specializations of the team members and details about the available products.

The content for these sections should be only as long as is necessary to relay the facts to the web surfers. For most pages, one or two paragraphs is enough.

Review the content to make sure readers who are completely unfamiliar with the product leave with the information they need to make an informed decision. Craft content for an audience with little to no prior knowledge.

Blog Posts

Individuals who read blog posts are usually not looking for a formal, research-oriented read. Following other links to delve deeper into a subject can be useful, but the content should not be submerged in them.

Three to five paragraphs is usually a good estimate for blog posts. You can have one short paragraph to introduce your ideas and another of relatively equal length to wrap up the topic.

Each paragraph in the middle can focus on a separate component of the topic. Blog posts shorter than three paragraphs often don’t provide enough detail to act as an enjoyable read.

Facebook Posts

Providing little snippets of information on Facebook is a strategy that plenty of companies use, but don’t necessarily use to the best of their abilities. A post about an event should contain the date, time, location and entrance fee as well as some catchy information to get the viewers there.

If you are posing a question or asking readers to vote on an issue, have two sentences. One shows your intent, and the other serves as a call to action.

Facebook consumers are not looking for lengthy paragraphs; they want detailed but concise information.

Twitter Posts

Twitter posts are perhaps some of the shortest announcements regarding the business you will write. For those who are new to the Twitter domain, a tweet is usually around the length of a Facebook status update.

In fact, Twitter updates are limited to 140 characters. The intent of this tool is to bring interesting news to your consumers or to reveal new details about a particular product. You can also use Twitter to post about an event or to let potential guests know how successfully it is going and to entice them to join in.

Email Marketing

While social media is one main avenue of marketing in second decade of the 21st century, other forms are not yet dead. Sending emails to clients, for example, helps to add a personal touch.

However, you need to remember that many have become suspicious of emails because they believe they contain scams. Provide two to three paragraphs detailing your product but also why you are writing.

For small companies, including personal notes is wise. Doing so will show that you pay attention to the individual needs of the consumers and are not just sending the same email out to dozens or scores of customers.

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Knowing Your Target Audience

While these rules will hold true in a number of different situations, you need to fully assess your target audience to understand the needs of the business.

For example, if your audience is composed entirely of older teenagers who are used to quick pieces of information delivered in a short amount of time, you may wish to avoid email marketing altogether.

Understanding what your consumers want to read, as well as how much information you should reasonably provide to them, will help you determine the perfect formula for your various marketing methods.

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